Radim Večeřa

Radim Večeřa in the team T-shirt holding a world map

  1. What is your position in the team?
    A team member responsible for logistics.
  2. What is your favorite quotation, saying or a motto?
    Don’t go where the trail leads you. Go where there is no trail and leave your footprints behind.” (R.W. Emerson)
  3. What is your favorite tree and why?
    European alder, because it’s an invincible fighter and it can adapt.
  4. Which is the closest to your heart, a pencil, pen, mouse or a fountain pen?
    A pen, because it won’t smudge.
  5. A place where you like to spend time?
  6. A sentence from your favorite book?
    And it was impossible to distinguish which face belongs to a human and which belongs to a pig.” (Animal Farm, George Orwell)
  7. What should everybody know about the Czech Republic?
    That our official language is not Russian.
  8. Why are you interested in sustainability and green architecture or sustainable power supply?
    Because I like virgin nature and environmentally friendly interferences into the country.
  9. What about the AIR House do you like the most?
    The AIR, because it does not weight anything.
  10. Your favorite building in the Czech Republic?
    The Basilica St. Prokop in Třebíč.