Martin Volf

Martin Volf in the team T-shirt catching a calculator.

  1. What is your position in the team?
    Civil Engineer
  2. What is your favorite quotation, saying or a motto?
    It wasn’t me.
  3. What is your favorite tree and why?
    Lime tree, it can do many things and it’s beautiful.
  4. Which is the closest to your heart, a pencil, pen, mouse or a fountain pen?
    A fountain pen.
  5. A place where you like to spend time?
    Anywhere among vegetation, preferably somewhere high above sea level.
  6. A sentence from your favorite book?
    “Gosh,” I despaired quietly, as around me everyone raved about how smart and polite a baby I was, “why couldn’t I have been born to parents with at least a bit of intelligence?”
  7. What should everybody know about the Czech Republic?
    There are many places with a story to them here, and they are worth looking for.
  8. Why are you interested in sustainability and green architecture or sustainable power supply?
    Because it is the only way, all the others are selfish paths to hell.
  9. What about the AIR House do you like the most?
    The moment when we tell ourselves “this might actually work.”
  10. Your favorite building in the Czech Republic?
    Any First Republic villa, they have a soul.