Martin Bukovský

Martin Bukovský v týmovém tričku drží v rukou monitor.

1.    What is your position in the team?
       BIM expert
2.    What is your favorite quotation, saying or a motto?
       “Architects have to dream and try to discover the Atlantis, research and explore, and build well and responsibly on top of all that.”
        Renzo Piano
3.    What is your favorite tree and why?
       Beech. I think beech forests are the most beautiful.
4.    Which is the closest to your heart, a pencil, pen, mouse or a fountain pen?
       Pencil and mouse. It’s 50/50.
5.    A place where you like to spend time?
       The streets of Prague
6.    A sentence from your favorite book?
       “Imagine you have to break someone’s arm.” Huge Laurie: Thu Gun Seller
7.    What should everybody know about the Czech Republic?
       Beer, girls and long history concentrated in a small area.
8.    Why are you interested in sustainability and green architecture or sustainable power supply?
        I think it is the correct and sensible approach.
9.    What about the AIR House do you like the most?
       The terrace, and a comfortably large amount of wood.
10.  Your favorite building in the Czech Republic?
       The National Technical Library by Projektil Architekti.