Lucie Zemenová

Lucie Zemenova smiling in front of a concrete wall.

  1. What is your position in the team?
    An architect focused on interior.
  2. What is your favorite quotation, saying or a motto?
    “When you can’t go on anymore, speed up!” I kept hearing that from my parents since I was a kid, so I try to take their advice.
  3. What is your favorite tree and why?
    Majestic deciduous trees fascinate me; oak may be one of them.
  4. Which is the closest to your heart, a pencil, pen, mouse or a fountain pen?
    A fountain pen … ever since basic school where I learned to write with it.
  5. A place where you like to spend time?
    I like to spend time outside, basically anywhere in the country.
  6. A sentence from your favorite book?
    “I owe the fields for our houses not to be more inferior to the virgin soil they replaced.”
  7. What should everybody know about the Czech Republic?
    We are the heart of Europe, so it’s close wherever we go, to the sea, to the mountains, and anywhere else.
  8. Why are you interested in sustainability and green architecture or sustainable power supply? 
    It seems to be an absolutely necessary and natural part of our lives.
  9. What about the AIR House do you like the most?
    Definitely the natural materials, but I also like the big terrace that invites you to be outside.
  10. Your favorite building in the Czech Republic?
    Church of the most Sacred Heart of Our Lord on the Jiřího z Poděbrad Square in Prague