Eva Kubjátová

Eva is looking throuhg a hole in a piece of an experimental textile facade.

  1. What is your position in the team?
  2. What is your favorite quotation, saying or a motto?
    Have a healthy disrespect for the impossible. Larry Page
  3. What is your favorite tree and why?
    Apple tree – it’s beautiful and apples are the best reason to climb a tree.
  4. Which is the closest to your heart, a pencil, pen, mouse or a fountain pen?
    A hexagon pencil is the closest to heart and mind for the indecisive, all you need to do is to draw dots and throw, and the decision about the next step had been made.
  5. A place where you like to spend time?
    A cottage on a hill in Beskydy. It belongs to my granddad. There is nothing but sun, mountains and wind.
  6. A sentence from your favorite book?
    Don’t panic! Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  7. What should everybody know about the Czech Republic?
    Primarily, that it is in Europe and it’s not Czechoslovakia or the Soviet Union – so, a bit of geography and history?
  8. Why are you interested in sustainability and green architecture or sustainable power supply? 
    Just logic?
  9. What about the AIR House do you like the most?
    Same as Lego, when I was a kid – we’ll build a house true to our best ideas.
  10. Your favorite building in the Czech Republic?
    Such that I have connected with wonderful people and unrepeatable adventures, sunny summer and ease – straw house in Oucmanice. It isn’t only the building that creates an impression of the building!