The Competititon Started

Team CTU with a czech flag standing in fron of hangar in Orange County Great Park on the day of registration

All teams seated in the hangar during the opening ceremony. Team CTU wearing blue t-shirts is sitting in foreground. Picture is taken from back.

Katerina Rottova is speaking with decathleet from team austria. Both of them are smiling.

Team CTU sitting and relaxing on the grass. In the bacground is an orange ballon.


23/09/2013 - The assembly in the Orange County Great Park just begin. 60km from Los Angeles, and 9 558 km from Prague, where we first built the AIR House. The contest itself and the public tours starts on Thursday October 3rd. Until then, we have 9 days to finish the AIR House and put it into operation. It will be dramatic.

Sunday September 22nd Solar Decathlon 2013 was opened by Richard King, the president of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. At the All-Team Meeting, 19 collegiate teams had been welcomed by Steven S. Choi, the mayor of Irvine on whose city grounds Solar Decathlon will takes place.

In Orange County, Solar Decathlon starts from scrap. As of the first year in 2002, biennially the contest was held in Washington DC. This year, for the first time, it will take place on the grounds of a former U.S. Marine Corps base El Toro. Only two rebuilt hangars and concrete runways remind us of its past. Local government is working on a complete redevelopment of the whole complex and its further recreational use. Solar Decathlon will be the first international event being held in the newly rising ecological park.

We estimate up to 600 students taking part in building all the contest houses. According to the first meeting, our team seems to be one of the more numerous. All U.S. teams transport their houses in few almost finished sections they will have to connect and bring into operation. Our tem, as well as the Austrian one, will have to assemble the house from floor to the last screw.

Keep your fingers crossed!