Tricky electricity

AIR House wiring, electric cables

Michal Marek with an electrican specialist on the deck  of AIR House

Michal Marek with an electrican specialists on the deck  of AIR House

Photovoltaic panels on the roof of AIR House

Jiří Šedivý holding a wire

30/09/2013 - The oficial media team of Solar Decathlon works on a coverage about the competition. Stories are essential. The wiring  was chosen as a main theme for us. How did they know that this will be our biggest challenge....

From the American point of view, our electrical set is very complicated; we probably have the largest switchboard in the solar village. It was important that our design made sense to the organizers. They had to deal with different coloring of conductors or different way of appliance short-circuits protection. In the Czech Republic, we protect each larger household appliance separately; in America, one jack usually operates all fuses.

The entire electro team was at an alert and as of morning today, the AIR House is connected to a microgrid, a smart supply network of the solar village. As of now, each produced and consumed kWh counts. If during 10 days we produce more than we consume, we will receive 100 points. The micro grid connection was one of our small victories. Only we pass the main revision, our electricians will get some rest.

The AIR House photovoltaic system consists of 33 PV panels. Via an inverter DC voltage is transformed into AC voltage of 60Hz. The system we have sat up in Prague doesn’t work properly after the reassembly in California. Now the inverter that transforms DC voltage into AC voltage of 60Hz reports an error. Our PV panels produce electricity but we can’t deliver it into the distribution network.

We still optimistic and looking for solution!