Workshop with Ulrike Passe

Ulrike Passe watches the AIR House presentation

Presentation of the AIR House in the meeting room of the Faculty of Architecture

Ulrike Passe, model of the AIR House in front of her on the table

Ulrike Passe and Veronika Kastlova while shooting an interview

20/06/2012 - A bit nervously and impatiently we were looking forward the workshop with Ulrike Passe, faculty advisor of Team Iowa - participant of Solar Decathlon 2009. An optimistic and energetic architect arrived and gave us new power and inspiration in the time when we needed it the most.

We discussed natural ventilation (Ulrike specializes on it) and other natural aspects of designing ecological buildings. She told us about "trendy" movement - back to nature which is growing stronger in USA. Almost everyone there desires to pick up mushrooms in wood to plant vegetable at home and to live in closer contact with nature. It was surprising that things so common and natural for us in Czech Republic, where picking up mushrooms and planting vegetables in cottages has a very strong tradition, can be so rare elswhere. She mentioned also some interesting projects like environment bubble of Reyner Banham and Francois Dallegret from 1965. After workshop we couldn`t wait to grab our pencils and start to work again.

Thank you Ulrike!