Solar Energy as a Common Standard

02/12/2013 - Thanks series to our main partners starting today! We are glad that Skupina ČEZ was among them and its financial support enabled the realization of the AIR House. Our victories in the competition are therefore its success also.

Using solar energy is one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly ways of producing electricity. The Sun is and always will be a plentiful natural energy source. Energy balance is one of the Solar Decathlon disciplines and for the first time in the competition history it brought collective first place for all 19 teams. Thanks to the California sun each competition house produced more electricity than it needed for its operation, and the Solar Decathlon 2013 proved that using solar energy can be a common standard, that it is not a technical hobby any more.

The Solar Decathlon is organized by the U.S. Department of Energy and is part of the U.S. energy policy. The organizers’ aim is to advertise sustainable and solar architecture, and to introduce the concept to wide public. Being a member of the EU, the Czech Republic must deal with the so-called climate and energy package EU–20–20–20, which assumes attitude change towards energy management and sustainable development not only from the state, but from individual users also. By 2020 our country must take many economic measures related to the usage of clean technologies.

The participation of our team in the Solar Decathlon 2013 competition gave us a unique opportunity to promote this approach. However, this would not be possible without our sponsors and organizations supporting us in our efforts. We were seeking innovative and visionary partners, willing to search for new solutions for sustainable future in cooperation with a student project.