The AIR House opening ceremony

The space in front of the Faculty of Architecture full of people, hosting the opening ceremony

The space in front of the Faculty of Architecture full of people, hosting the opening ceremony

Team Czech Republic standing in front of the AIR House during the press conference

Pavel Nechanický and Ondřej Surý in team shirts

Main sponzors of the CTU team on the AIR House terrace

Jaroslav Jiruška, one of the main sponzors, draws a Sun on the black fasade of the AIR House

18/07/2013 - We introduced our competition house to the public on Wednesday July17th. The schedule of the day was packed. At 7:30 the crew of Česká televize (Czech TV) arrived at the building site to prepare coverage for the news. In an hour, the space in front of the Faculty changed beyond recognition, and at 8:30 we were in live broadcast of Studio 6 ČT. Without difficulty Dalibor Hlaváček, Martin Čeněk and Katka Sojková answered questions of the reporter, while in view of the camera the rest of the team was tidying up and finishing the terrace. As of 9:00 we were already answering questions at the chat of Questions were smart, encouraging and detailed; therefore, architects and engineers took turns at the computer. At noon, we reported about the AIR House opening ceremony in a phone interview for the BBC radio broadcast.

Even though we were still working hard on the AIR House in the morning, the press conference in the afternoon and the opening ceremony in the evening took place in a tidy space in front of the Faculty, which had finally began to look like a university campus again.

The opening ceremony of the AIR House was launched by the dean of the Faculty of Architecture CTU, Zdeněk Zavřel, who is a big fan of our project from the very beginning. We will definitely not forget to pack to California his gift in form of an alarm clock designed to look like Jan Kaplický’s National library. For the first time we tried out our black façade, on which our main sponsors wrote and drew best wishes for the AIR House. The mood of the team and our guests was great and informal, the terrace hosted discussions late into the night.

We would like to thank Adrea Vondráková and her colleagues from the PR Department of the rectorate for their help with the press conference preparations. Thanks to them, we were able to provide the press with professional services. We would like to thank Lucka Kirovová’s friends for the barbecue and refreshments; father of Barbora Janíková for the beer; the Faculty employees for technical help; the entire team for their maximum work enthusiasm. We would like to thank our sponsors, families and friends for their support and all those, who came to celebrate the AIR House with us on Wednesday, for creating such a wonderful atmosphere.