From start to the finish with Jan Žemlička.....

Ing. Jan Žemlička and Dalibor Hlaváček open the lecture The process is the goal

View to the auditorium during the lecture of Jan Zemlicka

01/02/2013 - Ing. Jan Žemlička is a professional focused on micro environment, PhD. student and lecturer at the same time on Faculty of Architecture CTU and above all adviser of our team and our friend. Jan is the author of the energy concept of the new National Technical Library in Prague. He worked as well for the famous architecture studio Sial and Karel Hubáček who designed Ještěd, a futuristic hotel, awarded the Auguste Perret Prize. Jan's lectures about buildings and ecology are busy and fun, just as was the one that proceeded the opening ceremony of our exhibition AIR House - the first year. Its title "The process is the goal" perfectly suited the concept of the exhibition.

The lecture was mainly about cooperation and using common sense. "This is knowledge I gained through 60 years of my life experience about simplicity of thinking. I`m presenting it to members of Solar Decathlon team to make them understand that`s not important what they will built in USA but important is the whole process of developing and redesigning their house. The process is the main goal."
According to Jan Žemlička the competition we are participating in is in the first place about finding interconnections: " it`s amazing when students from diverse faculties, such as Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Transportation Sciences all from the same university are beginning to talk together brought together and connected with one project." Jan Žemlička finds the biggest benefit of this competition project in team work which can function in the same way here in Czech Republic as abroad.

"It`s only about people and their interest."

To remind his advice, we made a recording of the lecture.