1st place in Architecture Contest!

Team Czech Republic with the trophy for the 1st prize in Architecture

Team Czech Republic with the trophy for the 3dr prize in Market Appeal

Team Austria excited about their 1st prize in Communications

11/10/2013 - Our race with the Sun is getting closer to the finish.  Today, we took 1st place in Architecture Contest. We are extremely happy! The final decision about the overall winner will be made on Saturday 10 a.m., Pacific.

Through the weekend, AIR House had over four thousand visitors. Since Monday expert juries were surveying the competition houses to judge five contests out of ten: Architecture, Engineering, Affordability, Market Appeal, and Communications.

Yesterday, first results were released. We already made it to the 3rd place in Market Appeal, which evaluates the livability, marketability, and constructability of the house.
Today, Communications and Engineering winners were announced.  We won the Architecture Contest and team Austria took their first place in Communications! What a great day for the two European teams in the competition.

Our 1st place is a big satisfaction for the entire Czech team. The jury decision is excellent: “The first-place winner, AIR House from Czech Technical University, provides a multitude of wonderful architectural experiences despite its simple and uncomplicated design. Using light and materials, this house creates a warm and inviting cocoon where indoor and outdoor living are intertwined with the elements of sun and nature.” Thank you for this beautiful appreciation our work!