We are working our tails off

Instalation of photovoltaic panels on the AIR House pergola.

An eldery couple is standing on the terace of AIR House in front of the outdoor kitchen and black- painted facade.

An interior view of the AIR House. A man and a boy are sitting on the window bench and playing games.

31/07/2013 - There was still a lot of work awaiting us in the days following the opening of the AIR House. First, we had to finish the interior, the exterior ramps and the root plant. The entire wiring system, regulation and measuring systems, engaging the switchboard, without whose testing the technical box cannot be shipped to USA, were a chapter of their own. A big enforcement for the electrician team Michal and Marek, was Lucka Zemenová, originally an architect, now a skilled electrician.

However, some of the work went surprisingly quickly. E.g. installation of the photovoltaic system; the Sunnywatt company workers assembled it, connected, tried it out, disconnected, disassembled and packed it into transport boxes in one day. Just as quickly, solar collectors from Regulus appeared on the wooden pergola and disappeared again. The weather was not easy on us, so we were grateful for the afternoon shade in the space before the Faculty and we worked late into the night.

Even though it sounds almost impossible, along with all the other things we managed to shoot our competition video which we will edit and submit end of August. The lead roles cast: Dalibor Hlaváček’s parents and Kateřina Rottova’s children. During the shoot we made strawberry dumplings in the AIR House kitchen. The house functioned as it was supposed to. There was enough space on the work top, the children absolutely naturally settled themselves in a southern window and played ticktacktoe with Mr. Hlaváček. Even though it was over 30°C outside, the house was so comfortable Ms. Hlaváčková thought we had air-condition on. The afternoon shoot was a truly pleasant break in the building bustle.