Village for 20 Solar Houses

Visitors waiting to tour AIR House

Sunset in solar village at Orange County Great Park

Construction of the solar village at Orange County Great Park

Bean fields at Orange County Great Park

AIR House facade with writings and greetings

07/10/2013 - Four days have already passed since the solar village at Orange County Great Park officially opened to the public. Feels like ages...... Time is running fast in the competition.

Two weeks ago, a former air base runway used to be where the solar village is standing now. On Monday September 23rd, trailer tractors began to bring building equipment, cranes and forklifts parked alongside the building sites. For a few days the cranes helped better orientation in the village and they looked good on photographs. Work went on as if screened by a time-lapse camera.

The urbanism of the solar village is simple, as if by a ruler: a wide pedestrian communication and on both its sides building sites 18 x 24 m, so called solar envelopes, into which the solar houses must fit. Also, a maximum height is set at 5.5 m. There are 20 building sites and 19 houses. Team Tidewater Virgina couldn’t make it to California because of funding difficulties.

The pedestrian communication in the middle is East-West oriented; at one end of the village the Sun rises, on the other it sets. There are bean fields in the background. An orange balloon, a symbol of the Orange County Great Park, offers a bird eye view to the solar village. And since its opening it is crowded.

Because of strong Santa Ana winds, the Solar Decathlon 2013 temporarily closed to the public on Friday. But on Saturday and Sunday lines of visitors stretched in front of the houses. Some of the teams are counting visitors to their houses each day. The numbers are exciting: over 2,000 visitors came through InSite....1,800 people walk thru Start.Home.....

We don’t know the exact AIR House numbers but its chalkboard painted facade facing the terrace is covered with writings and greetings. Thank you for coming to tour our house!