California, Day 4

sunrise above AIR House. In the background there are silhouettes of mountains lit by a pink and violet morning light. Two people are standing on the horizont.

red truck with a container has just parked in front of AIR House.

 thermal panel is hanging on a crane, one team member is on the roof holding it and another one is holding it from ground.

photo with diagonal composition of southern facade where battens supporting plywood facade are fastened and plywood panels are prepared for instalation. In tthe foreground Martin and Eva are speaking together wearing hard hats and blue team t-shirts.

Tomas Durdis on the rooh showing a gesture of ok. In the background is a crane with a czech flag and very blue sky.

26/09/2013 - The fourth assembly day is over. We still love the Orange County Great Park sunrise. During every trip through the solar village, we eye the progress of the other teams. Our assembly has slowed slightly, but we are successfully catching up.

When we were planning the transport to California, we were concerned about humidity. Our problem, on the contrary, was desiccation. External cladding of the AIR House is designed as sandwich: the core consists of massive wooden panels + thermal cladding. Façade insulation panels are suspended from the load-bearing walls and both layers are independent on each other. Therefore, in colder weather, we are able to “dress” the AIR House warmer, without markedly influencing the load-bearing structure.

We were inspired by Clever Cover system by Vesper Frames, one of our partners and producer of the AIR House thermal insulation panels. Vesper Frames use prefabricated façade sections as an elegant way of house reconstructions. For us, their system simplified transport and assembly also.

We did not take into account that wood constructions of the face panels would dry up in the shipping containers during the transport to Los Angeles. We supplemented the allowed straps, used to fasten sections to a crane, by wood screws and so work could continue. Therefore, the panels are prepared for safe disassembly and consequently the final assembly in Czech Republic.