How to pack a house?

The crane lifts the packed technology module, Pavel Nechanicky stands on the top of the modul

A crane lifts a segment of the entrance ramp

Students od the Czech republic Team are packing their tools for the transport

Wooden elements of the canopy ready to transport

Delicate technologies loaded into a box with aluminum foil

Screws in a plastic box

The last shipping container is lifted by a crane in front of the faculty of architecture

22/08/2013 - AIR House fitted into seven shipping containers. We packed the home, technologies, tools necessary for the assembly in the USA, appliances with which we will equip the house for the public exhibit. Transport is provided by BDP-Wakestone s.r.o., in containers 40 feet (12.2 m) long. We use four standard containers, one Hardtop High Cube, one Open Top with an openable roof for larger objects, and one Open Top container with no roof in which we are transporting the technological box.

Ever since our first drawings, we’ve been taking transport of the house tin account. The fact, that we will have to transport the house over 20 thousand miles, influenced all the phases of our design. Therefore the size of the technological box and the length of the structural timber are based on the size of the shipping containers. Also, partitions of the canopy, the Second Skin of the house, are strictly subordinate to transport.

Protection during the transport is just as important. To the US, along with the building itself we are also transporting delicate technologies that are sensitive to moisture. Photovoltaic panels, tools and appliances are therefore loaded into boxes with aluminum foil and dehumidifiers that absorb moisture. Because the technological box exceeds the standard height of the Open Top container, it is protected by a special, tailor-made tarpaulin.

Regarding the transport to California, the most difficult was to come up with the right economical solution that would logically correspond with the assembly in the Orange County Great Park. We have to ensure correct timing of the arrival and unpacking of all the containers to correspond with the assembly progress. We have to anticipate not to be waiting for tools or footing in the course of tight competition deadlines. We have Dalibor Hlaváček and his planning, measuring, and counting to thank for the fact that everything fitted in.