Fund (friend) raising for the AIR House






10/01/2014 - AIR House financing was a huge challenge and kept us busy throughout the entire project. The finance acquisition plan was also part of the Solar Decathlon application. Right at the beginning we decided not to hire a specialized fundraising company, we decided to try and deal with this, to us architects, new activity on our own.

We addressed a specialist training non-profit organizations at the Czech fundraising center even before we started designing the competition house. He gave us the following advice: You will need one general partner, three main partners and approximately ten partners, who will cover at least two thirds of your budget. Than you can address sponsors with contributions worth tens of thousands. It was the autumn of 2011 and according to the headlines of economic intelligence, economic crisis was picking up again and the fundraising reality of the AIR House was digits lower by a zero.

One of our first big partners enlisted for our project was Hypoteční banka (Mortgage Bank). Its flexibility, professional and helpful approach to helping finance its clients’ housing, were values that poured optimisms into our veins and confirmed the meaningfulness of our project during our fundraising first steps. The Hypoteční banka motto: “Cut your way home” helped the AIR House on its long way to California.