AIR House - Carpentry for Beginners

18/12/2013 - Big thanks go to our main partner Dřevostavby Biskup s.r.o. Most likely, we would not be able to build the AIR House without them.

Our cooperation with Dřevostavby Biskup began more than a year ago. Martin Čeněk, the lead architect of our team, recommended the company as superb Czech supplier, willing to work on difficult projects, and the tip proved its worth! During the year, we consulted individual phases of the project with the company executive head Ing. Jaroslav Jiruška, and at the end of May 2013 we began to build the AIR House under supervision of expert Dřevostavby Biskup technicians.

Dřevostavby Biskup have many years of experience with the assembly of massive CLT panels we have chosen to be the AIR House main construction material. This technology allows a high prefabrication level, a necessary quality to a team of students. Thanks to the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology finishing, the panels came out of production with all the necessary orifices and milled slots thus saving a lot of time during assembly.

We are very obliged to Dřevostavby Biskup. Thanks to their helpful and generous approach, we were able to start assembling under cover of their assembly hall, while it rained for several weeks in a row. Without Ing. Jiruška, the assembly would not have been possible at all. In Prague, Dejvice, where we assembled the AIR House for the first time, he was teaching us amateur carpenters, and he accompanied us to California, where he led the assembly.

We are very lucky to have encountered wonderful people who enriched our project with lot of their experience, time and energy!