We`ve made it to the 3rd place!

13/10/2013 -  Yesterday, winners of the international Solar Decathlon 2013 contest were announced. We have received 3rd place in the overall contest. With our 1st place in Architecture and Energy Balance, 2nd place in Engineering, and 3rd place in Market Appeal, Comfort Zone and Hot Water, we confirmed, that an integral design is the path to take.

The solar decathlon, as well as the athletic one, shows the contestants’ universality. It is important to master all ten disciplines, they are interconnected and influence each other.

The Solar Decathlon organizers like to say that all participating teams are winners. This year, the 6th competition, it was true twice as much. During all ten days of the measured contests, the scores were quite balanced, losing a tenth of a point meant an immediate fall down by several places. In the first Solar Decathlon competition in 2002, the difference between the 1st and 3rd place was 26 points, this year the we lacked only 6 points to win.

Congatulations to the Team Austria, who received the overall 1st place and helped us a lot. Thanks, LISI! We were the only two European teams in the Solar Decathlon 2013. For both teams  it was for the first and last time. As of next year, only American institutions can enter the competition. This time yet, Europe rocked!