Good News

glue laminated beams are laying next to the souther facade. A group of team members are standind along and talking together. the evening sun is low on the horizont and is shining on the beams. The picture is took in contralight so there is dramatic atmosphere.


Zdenek Zavrel, dean of faculty of architecture CTU and his wife are fastening steel plates to the glue laminated beams. Both of them are wearing blue team t-shirt and hard hats.

Dasa Zemlickova wearing green hard hat with AIR House stickers and pba sticker is sitting on the deck of AIR House.. White plywood facade is making a background.

Jan Zemlicka holding a drill is standing in front of finished southern facade of AIR House.

Team meeting in front of AIR House witch finished facadees. The second skin isn`t installed.

27/09/2013 - Our team is finally complete, including the dean of the Faculty of Architecture Zdeněk Zavřel and his wife Margreet, who accompanied us yesterday. Interest in the AIR House and enthusiasm, with which our administration supports us, drive the entire team amazingly.

The Zavřels did not come to California for a vacation. They traveled to the building site at Orange County Great Park directly on arrival; their second trip was to the Green Thumb garden center in Lake Forest. Margreet is a garden architect and will supervise planting of our flowerbeds. Together, we checked the ordered plants and added some seedlings for our edible garden.

Our further enforcement are the Žemličkas, Honza and Dáša. Honza is an interior environment expert, helps us with the technologies and during the assembly commands our equipment. Dáša sees to it that we have something to eat all day. Shopping and cooking for the entire team takes a lot of time. Apart from Dáša, Jana Hlaváčková and Karolína dispatch us to work every day. Yesterday, thanks to the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon sponsored dinner, we had less work with cooking. So the entire team began to take part in the reassembly. We have safety gear for everybody, and time is running short.