We are packing to go back home

20/10/2013 - We celebrated our victory with champagne on Saturday October 12 and started disassembling the AIR House on Sunday October 13. At 7 p.m. last visitors left the solar village and an hour later you could not walk through it without wearing a helmet and work boots.

The organizers keep a tight schedule, the teams have 5 days to disassemble and move their contest houses out of the premises. The deadline is probably a leftover from the previous decathlons taking place in National Mall, Washington, where lease was quite expensive. It would not be as necessary to hurry so much on the former runway in California. On Friday October 18 everything has to be packed and swept, otherwise part of the funds from the grant will not be released.

This means overalls and two shifts and that disassembly, which we avoided talking about or joked about during the competition, begins. During the first 24 hours we packed the interior, disassembled the canopy and stripped the façade. Last to leave was the technology box which will be transported directly on top of a trailer to the LA harbor, where it will be moved into an open top container.

Segments of the wooden pergola are packed onto palettes, tied together and loaded into a container by a crane. There they have to be safely fastened in order for the wood not to get bashed around during the trip. Large sections such as the tie-beams bearing the canopy, go into the container in one piece, everything that fits the container does. In the morning, the container is replaced by an empty one.

We managed it in less than five days. Just the basic team has worked, without any specialists, without the company that helped us pack in Prague. Finally, it was truly a student project!