So This is AIR House....

View on southern facade with horizontal shading lamellas. In front of AIR House there are blue white signange panels with piktograms and schemes of AIR House.

Western view on AIR House with vertical shading lamellas and constructed wetland in front of it.

Pespective view on shaded sundeck where team members are standing and speaking together.

View on the south-west corner of AIR House with a constructed wetland.


Picture of interior showing sleeping place. In front of bed there is a rug - cow skin which makes the atmosphere of a cottage and two armchairs.

picture of sitting under the southern window.

detailed picture of wall behind the bed. There are several black and white photos of family and Prague hanging

Picture of bathroom made of wood.

08/10/2013 - Let‘s meet AIR House as we’ve built it in California! After all, we can present it completed, cleaned up, ready to move in. Such as we didn't manage it before our departure to U.S.

The Second Skin gives the house its simple cubic shape. The wooden structure adds an architectural detail, visible as you approach the house. There still few things that Martin's Cenek camera couldn't catch. The climate of the shaded entrance, or the terrace, orientated to the north in here, which is a nice cool place all day long. The wooden interior is cozy and warm. Photos above the bed remind us of our families back in Prague.