AIR House - the first year...

Aerial view to the atrium of the Faculty of Architecture with a scheme of the AIR House plan, students in teams T Shirt sitting inside the house

Concerete wall with sticked section of the AIR House, a man watches a sticked silhouette of a sitting man
Opening ceremony of the exhibition AIR House - the First Year. The dean of the Faculty of Architecture blowing out the candle on the AIR House birthday cake
Two students are looking at the schemes of AIR House.
Martin Cenek tapes the plan of the AIR House on the floor
Hana Najmanova tapes the legend to the AIR House plan on the floor

30/01/2013 - The expected opening party of our exhibition AIR HOUSE - the first year took place in atrium of Faculty of Architecture in Dejvice on  Monday 10th of December 2012. Through this exhibition we had the best opportunity to show all the work done on this project during the whole year since sending application in November 2011 through all the stages of house redesigning and development to its actual appearance in that moment till bright future. The main target was to present our project to academic staff and students of Faculty of Architecture and to encourage students to give us a hand during the final stages of designing and especially during the  AIR House construction beginning in spring 2013.

Rector of CTU Václav Havlíček initiated the exhibition by his supportive opening speech and Zdeněk Zavřel, dean of Faculty of Architecture, evaluated our participation in SD 2013 as the result of long-time work of a group of people believing there is possible to built and design in a simple manner incorporating renewable sources of energy also in common construction.

Courious about the preparation works? Watch the exhibition coverage by Veronika and Max!