AIR House – Attention, Construction!

dean of the Faculty of Architecture Zdenek Zavrel gives a speech during the exhibiton opening ceremony

Students watch exhibits during the opening ceremony of the AIR House exhibiton in the National Technical Library

AIR House exhibition in the National Technical Library

10/06/2013 - On Wednesday, June 5th 2013 we have opened an exhibiton in the National Technical Library.

“It is amazing to see, how the students live by the project. At the Faculty of Architecture, we want the students to realize that a sustaineble aproach it is not a matter of fashion, but a secular trend and I greatly respect all, who decided to support the project,” the dean of Faculty of Architecture professor Zdeněk Zavřel thanked all the sponsors.

In the parter of the National Technical Library, the AIR House is presented via individual architectural elements, materials and technologies. When the construction is finished, the façade or lower ceiling will cover most of them but even so, the house would not function without them.

The exhibits are divided into four units analogous to body systems. You can see elements of the skeletal structure (the load bearing structure), skin (the façade), tissue (the interior) and the vascular and neural systems (air-conditioning and building equipment). The exhibits are complemented by details, technical data and explanatory texts.

The exhibition in the National Technical Library will supplement the AIR House construction that will begin in the second part of June in front of the Faculty of Architecture in Dejvice. The exhibition is mainly a tribute to the partners supporting our project and without whom, the AIR House would not come to existence. We met great people, who help us with financing and most of all, invest their own energy into the project.

Come to see the exhibition, it will be held until July 11th 2013.