Smart Control

In the AIR House, the measurement and regulation control system (MaR) in combination with the KNX smart home installation creates a communicating system with a unified web control for PC and mobile equipment. The intelligence of the system lies in its timely reaction to the needs of the house inhabitants and the outside weather conditions.


Control System

The measurement and regulation system (MaR) provides monitoring of all the house technologies, interior climate regulation and fresh air supply in a power mode as effective as possible. The interior climate quality is dependent on a precise control of interaction between the heat recovery ventilation unit and the radiant panels.

KNX smart home installation diagram

Smart Home Installation

The smart home installation (KNX) provides interior and exterior light comfort via dimming LED light sources that react to the Sun light intensity. The intelligent control can also be used to set and operate thematic lighting scenes.

Automatic AS525 unit provided by SAUTER

Heating and cooling

The radiant heating and cooling system is controlled by an automatic AS525 unit provided by the SAUTER company. The unit measures temperatures, humidity, flowage and other physical values. A servo regulates water mixing in the valves, controls operation of pumps, exhausters and flaps. Furthermore, it monitors and optimizes all technical equipment of the building concerning heating and cooling technology, air-conditioning, and water utilization.